About us

My father was diagnosed with stage IV bladder cancer in June 2015. While it was a scary reality for my family to face, it was an even more terrifying and alarming one for my father. Early in my father’s battle with cancer, I had seen my father go through a lot of physical and emotional agony. From only being able to walk a few steps, to experiencing excruciating pain from the heavy doses of chemo, all I could do is what any other daughter would do; I would try to make his life pleasant as possible and be the support system that he needed.
In a short course of time, my father became bedridden and soon after passed away. During my grieving process I could not stop thinking about other cancer patients and their families. An overwhelming sense of compassion for those battling this illness took over me and I was inspired to make a difference. My father was a man that saw the beauty in simplicity, I knew that the small things that I did for him during his chemo treatments seemed to alleviate some of the physical pain experienced from chemotherapy as well as aid in emotionally uplifting him. It finally dawned on me; I can do the same things for others and produce the same results. Today, I have been blessed to be able to assemble many of those same small things that put a smile on my father’s face in one special tote bag. Each tote bag has several items that will assist you or a love one during their road to recovery. Now It may seem like small things to many, it is however a beacon of hope for some. While my father is not here with us today, I know he passed away happy knowing that while alive, cancer NEVER took his smile away. I often tell people that we may not at this time be able to cure the world of cancer, but we can show the world that we care, one tote bag at a time.