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Cancer Fighting Diva offers the best gifts that assists patients to cope with chemotherapy treatments.  We also provide fashionable apparel and cancer awareness merchandise. 

We make each chemo care package with LOVE, knowing that the specialty items will help to ease cancer treatment side effects.

If you have questions about Cancer Fighting Diva or our products, please feel free to contact us:

via email at
call us at 352-603-6106

Pay It Forward:

If you would like to donate your time or money to the Cancer Fighting Diva movement please contact me.  It is our mission to support, inspire, give back, advocate, empower, and provide resources that will help cancer patients and their family when they need it most.  We visit local chemo clinics and give out some of our gift tumblers and offer our support to patients.  Cancer has dramatically impacted my family. We've learned how critical this disease really is and are beyond passionate about creating a world without cancer.  I know what it feels like to give back to a cause greater than myself.  Won't you join me?



I am also available to discuss the following:

  • Fundraising ideas
  • Wholesale pricing on merchandise
  • Guest appearances at events or meetings